Seth Godin – Spreading the Idea

Posted: December 16, 2013 in marketing
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Today I will be reviewing a YouTube video where Seth Godin, a marketing guru, talks about how to get your ideas to spread. First Seth goes into the invention of sliced bread. He explains that no one wanted to purchase sliced bread for the first 15 years because no one was spreading the idea until Wonder came along. Seth states, “People who can spread ideas, regardless of what those ideas are, win.”

Seth then goes into what he calls “The TV Industrial Complex”. He explains the television is how companies spread ideas. Companies buy ads, and then get more distribution, followed by selling more products and making profit, just to buy more ads.  This is a cycle that goes around and around. Seth explains that this was breakthrough for companies to spread their ideas.

Seth also explains that people have too many choices and limited time so many things become invisible to a consumer because we get bored with things that we have seen over and over. Seth says, the product has to be “Remarkable”, which he breaks down and says remarkable means that it should be something to make a “remark about”. What he explains is, the product doesn’t have to be great or the best, because that still can be boring. But what it has to be is remarkable because that’s what grabs people’s attention and remarkable things are what people like to talk about.

A comment that really stood out to me in this video is that Seth said, that marketers used to make average products for average people and that’s what mass marketing is.  Now what companies should pay attention to the innovators and early adopters because those are the people who care and will listen. I think this is what Apple has done and now they have become really successful. Marketing to the people who actually care about the product will help spread the ideas because they are passionate about the product or service and will spread the word to their friends.

The key message in this video is to make your product REMARKABLE so that people acknowledge it and SPREAD THE IDEA.

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